This Fire

Jessica Neafsey

As many of you know, the Soberanes Fire continues to burn... In its 10th day, it has consumed upwards of 40,000 acres, 57 homes, and taken the life of Robert Reagan, who died while courageously dozing a break on hard-hit Green Ridge in our Palo Colorado community.

Since we evacuated Weston Ridge a week ago Friday, when I watched 50’ flames light up the mountains east of us, I have lain awake many nights in awe.  I am in awe of the terrifying beauty that truly defines this California landscape we call home. I am speechless to feel its power. And I am broken wide open by the grace, acceptance, transcendence, generosity, compassion and selfless love that has been moving through and within our community like an equally brazen force of nature.

I’ve never before felt more like a wild animal, nor more human. And never have I appreciated home more than I do now.

Two nights ago, I dreamt that I saw a California condor fall out of the sky into an agricultural field. Thinking it may have had a broken wing, I slowly began to move closer to it. But then it stretched its immense wings open wide, and took to the sky, flying south, back into the wilderness.

I took this dream as a sign of hope, and homecoming. For some, this will mean returning to our smoky abodes… For others, this will entail a long process of acceptance, grief, and rebuilding...

While I had planned to launch Anima last Friday, it feels right to share it with you now… I can’t think of a better time to celebrate the beauty and rich biodiversity that will surely continue to thrive here in our chosen home on the Central Coast of California.

I have created a special print, inspired by this fire, in hopes it can contribute to the groundswell of support for those who’ve lost homes, and those who’ve fought for them.  This 36”x36” silk scarf features the feathers of our beloved, endangered California condor, who knows how to transfigure death into life energy. Brown Pelican feathers carry cool ocean water and air, and symbolize the resilience of a species that’s made a miraculous recovery. Finally, hawk plumage honors the fierce and enduring strength of our amazing firefighters, especially those of our local Mid-Coast Brigade.

I will be exhibiting and auctioning this scarf at our local Community Pallette Timeless-Fashion-turned-Timeless-Fundraiser this August 27th…. Please come to this exciting and beautiful event!

I am so happy to finally invite you to…  Here you will find a number of items representing the first five species, of many more to come!  I encourage you all to get a little more native, and support ocean conservation through Mission Blue while you’re at it!  If you’re into it, you can follow Anima on Instagram and Facebook, and sign up for our monthly newsletter, so you never miss a new pattern release!